Premium Placenta Soft Peeling Gel



Benefits :
1. Deeply cleansing your skin.
2. Remove dead cell and rashes.
3. Revitalizing your skin.
4. Delivered moisturizing effects.
5. Naturally brighten your skin after wash.

Major ingredients :
Water, Butylene glycol, Propylene glycol, Quaternium-60, Placenta extract, Alcohol, Fragrance, Betaine.

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Premium Placenta Soft Peeling Gel

Product description

  • A nourishing facial peeling gel
  • Formulated with Papaya extract to gently remove the upper layer of dead cells
  • Promotes skin regeneration & improves micro-circulation
  • Blended with Placenta
  • rich in amino acids
  • peptides
  • minerals & vitamins
  • Helps repair damaged skin cells while enhancing their immunity
  • Infused with Aloe Vera for moisturizing & soothing benefits
  • Leaves skin firm
  • soft
  • smooth
  • elastic & healthy looking