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Product Details:

  • Velvet Skin Benefit: Provide sun care and smooth skin texture and even the skin tone with velvet skin effect.
  • Strong sun care protection against the harmful UVA rays with SPF 50 and PA++++.
  • PA ++++: It strongly helps to block UVB and to prevent UVA causing skin aging by upgrading UVA blocking ability.
  • Double Layer Technology: It is a powerful UV protection even if you meet water and sweat.
  • Skin Moisturizing/ Soothing: Contains Edelweiss flower and leaf with a powerful self-regenerating property and it helps to keep skin moisturized and smooth damaged skin.
  • Refreshing, lightweight and quick absorbing sunscreen with none sticky feeling.
  • Suitable for all skin types, especially those with oily skin types.

2. Concept

  • Natural Barrier Complex and Edelweiss flower & leaf extract: The combination of ingredients derived from pants keeps skin moisturized and comfortable by providing moisture and nutrients to dry skin. It also protects skin from harmful environmental factors while creating smooth and velvety skin.
  • Double Layer Technology: It is a powerful UV protection even if you meet water and sweat. Perfect for hot, humid summer months. Stands up against sweat and water from water sports and other outdoor activities. Double Layer Polymer provides long-lasting, water and sweat resistant UV protection.4. Directions
    • Shake it 3-5 times before use.
    • Take an appropriate amount and apply evenly onto face.
    • Pat lightly until fully absorbed.
    • Apply evenly onto neck, arms, and legs where sun exposure occurs.
    • Reapply as needed for long-term sun exposure.
    • Recommend to double-cleanse as it has long-wearing benefit.

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  1. Velvet Finish Sun Milk SPF50+/PA++++:
  • Daily sun care for velvet skin effect and correction of skin tone.
  • Natural Barrier Complex: Moisturizing/ Nutrition.
  • Edelweiss flower, leaf extract, GLYCOFILM 1.5P: Skin Protection.
  • Helichrysum Flower Water: Skin Soothing.