Melaban Deep Spot Patch

Melaban Deep Spot Patch

Melaban Deep Spot Patch


Melaban Deep Spot Patch

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Melaban Deep Spot Patch


– The world’s first, patented transdermal drug delivery patch.

ICURE’s TDDS cell penetrating technology delivers active ingredients, mainly focused on freckle areas.

Tranexamic Acid, Glutathione, and Niacinamide are formulated within the patented transcutaneous patch.

– While attaching the active ingredients included patch, it manages the freckles and blemishes all night and keeps skin firm.

– Excellent adhesion, no irritation occurs even with 24 hours of attachment. (Irritation test is completed)

– Designed scientifically to adjust the freckles area on your face.

: Focused management of symmetrical melisma around the eyes, cheek, and around the mouth.

– Immediate brightening tone-up improvement.

: Tranexamic Acid- inhibits formation of freckles at early stage of melanin synthesis.

: Glutathione- inhibits Tyrosinase and Eumelanin formation

: Niacinamide-inhibits melanin’s movement to keratinocyte.

: Madecasoides- Iightening Tone-Up

[Volume Component]

6.7g (Backing film) X 4 pouches (8 patches)

[How to use]

Apply toner after cleansing skin.

Open up the pouches and remove the backing film. Attach the patch on your skin around eyes, cheek, or areas that need freckle cares.

Detach the patch after 5 to 8 hours.

(To effectively deliver the active ingredients on your skin, you can detach the patch after you are awake in the morning.)

After detaching the patch, finish with cream. Melaban Deep Spot Patch