Green Tea Seed Serum 80ml

Green Tea Seed Serum

Green Tea Seed Serum 80ml


Benefits :
1. Moisturizing
2. Brightening
3. Damage repair
4. Pore care
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Made in Korea
Brand : Innisfree

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Green Tea Seed Serum

A balanced blend of Jeju Green Tea Extract and Green Tea Seed Oil locks in hydration from the very first drop.

Free Of parabens, animal products, synthetic colors, mineral oil, imidazolidinyl urea

Formulated With Jeju Green Tea Extract, Willow Bark Extract

Dermatologically Tested



Green tea leaves are rich in moisture and provide to extract 100% fresh green tea essence

Green tea essence is using purified water for absorption


We own and operate Green Tea fields on Jeju Island that are USDA organic certified.

By squeezing the moisture out of the leaves through a proprietary extraction process instead of a classic infusion,

we are able to optimally capture the skincare benefits of the prized Jeju Green Tea leaves.

The result is an incredibly concentrated and highly effective green tea extract clinically proven to surpass the hydrating power of purified water,

delivering fresh nutrients and amino acids to the skin while enhancing its protective barrier.


The surface of the skin is made up of both water and oil. To help maintain this delicate balance,

Jeju Green Tea Extract and Green Tea Seed Oil work together to help skin retain moisture longer.


Exposure to air post-cleansing rapidly depletes skin’s natural moisture.

Immediately after cleansing, apply over face and neck, then gently pat onto skin for better absorption and optimal moisture.

Green Tea Seed Serum